Rubber-Steel Gaskets

Approved according to W270 and DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water Applications)

Rubber-steel gaskets (MIT-RSG) consist of a defined elastomer with a vulcanized metal ring. The ring in the core of the gasket ensures the absorption of a good surface pressure and supports the centering of the gasket in the flange. Rubber-steel gaskets are used in flange systems to seal water, waste water, gas, air, acids and alkaline solutions. Rubber-steel gaskets (standard types) have their application limit according to DVGW at 16 bar. The EPDM gaskets are approved according to the current elastomer guideline and can therefore be installed in drinking water applications. NBR seals are also approved for use in the gas sector and meet the requirements of DVGW certification DIN EN 682.

Data sheet and certificates

For further information, we will gladly provide you with the data sheet as well as the corresponding certificates.

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