Imported Materials

Rolls, plates, mattings

We stock a wide range of rolls, sheets and mattings in our large warehouse for fast delivery. This range includes a variety of sealing materials and industrial floor coverings. We offer many materials in various dimensions, thicknesses and with various properties.

Here is an overview of the materials and the corresponding data sheets.

Material group Material Data Sheet
SBR SBR 50 ± 5 Sh. Download
  SBR 65 ± 5 Sh. Download
  SBR 80 ± 5 Sh. Download
CR CR 50 ± 5 Sh. Download
  CR 65 ± 5 Sh. Download
  CR 80 ± 5 Sh. Download
NBR NBR 50 ± 5 Sh. Download
  NBR 65 ± 5 Sh. Download
  NBR 80 ± 5 Sh. Download
EPDM EPDM 50 ± 5 Sh. Download
  EPDM 65 ± 5 Sh. Download
  EPDM 80 ± 5 Sh. Download
PVC soft PVC weich 77 ± 5 Sh. Download
Mattings Wide/fine ribbed matting 70 ± 5 Sh. Download
  Fine ribbed matting Download
  Checker matting Download
  Wide ribbed matting Download
  stud flooring 75 ± 5 Sh. Download
  diamond matting Download
  block matting Download
Sponge rubber Sponge rubber EPDM Download
Cellular rubber Cellular rubber EPDM Download
  Cellular rubber CR Download
  Cellular rubber NBR Download
Conveyor belt Conveyor belt rubber Download

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