We would like to inform you about the current events around our company on a regular basis.

04 Jan

„Not only merit, but also faithfulness preserves the person for us.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

16 Dec

Today we say goodbye to our Elke Kursch after 20 years of service.

04 Dec

With a little sweets to Saint Nicholas we say "Thank you".

01 Dec

"You cannot demand loyalty. Loyalty is a gift"
Lilli Palmer

11 Nov

The 5th season is beginning !

14 Sep

After 17 years of service, we say goodbye to our Kerstin Rödiger.

13 Aug

Today we were able to give our employees a treat at the high temperatures with a little cooling down.

03 Aug

"Coming together is a beginning,
Staying together is progress,
Working together is a success".

(Henry Ford)