Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with deep shock and sadness that we announce that Ralf Möller, founder, shareholder and managing director of the companies Möller-Industrietechnik GmbH and Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH, passed away completely unexpectedly on 20 December 2019, just at the age of 55.

We remember him as an extraordinary personality whose drive and motor, heart and head, mind and soul shaped the Möller company into an innovative and competitive medium-sized enterprise. He had a dream and a vision and fought relentlessly for his goals every day. Moreover, he was a shining example that you can achieve anything if you are convinced of it and stick to it 100 per cent.

Driven by his unbridled ambition and will, he developed a small individual company into what is today the largest full-range supplier in the field of static flat gaskets throughout Europe.

Fairness, honesty as well as discipline, order and cleanliness were essential and constant guarantees for his success. He was angular and edgy, never holding back his opinion. He usually chose his path stonily and walked it without looking to the left or to the right and certainly not to the back. For him, comfort zone meant not having a comfort zone.

His competence, experience and willingness to innovate shaped the cooperation in his companies for decades. He paid attention to his employees and contributed significantly to value-driven action. His door was always open and he had a solution for every problem. At the anniversary celebration, he once again emphasised how important his employees were to him. Without them, he would never have been able to achieve this success. Together they wrote history and together they lived their dream!

Only one love was even greater and more significant for him - the love for his family - wife Doreen and their joint sons Mathias and Lukas. In gratitude for his creative power, perseverance and untiring ambition, they keep the companies in their hands and continue to run them in his spirit.

As a family, they say goodbye in the same way, grateful for the comforting words and expressions of condolence they have already received. These give hope to get through the undoubtedly difficult transition period and to cherish his memory.

In deepest sorrow