Cooper Standard

Holcim Technical Solutions and Products GmbH (then Cooper/Metzeler) offers a wide range of elastomer products such as NBR and EPDM in a hardness range from 25° Shore A to 90° Shore A and a material thickness of between 0.5 mm and a maximum of 30 mm.

We keep a large selection of these products in stock and produce finished parts from the corresponding materials, and of course we also offer whole rolls and sheets for sale.

For many years we have had a close partnership.

The products are PAH-free (EU 1272/2013), nitrosamine-free and REACH and RoHS II compliant.

Here is an overview of the materials. Should you require technical information, we refer you to the linked data sheets of our supplier, which you can easily download.

Material Pictures Link to Data Sheets

A-KA 61-00
A-KF 25-00, 50-00
A-KJ 50-00, 80-00, 90-00
A-KL 65-00
A-KT 50-00, 70-00, 80-00,  90-00
A-NI 70-00
A-NT 45-00, 68-00

Cooper-AKL 6500

Sheeting Datasheets | Cooper Standard

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